Young Referees Course: Go Games Refereeing

27 Feb, 2013

From 7.30 p.m. - 9.30 p.m. on Wednesday, 27th February, Bray Emmets will host a Go Games Young Referees Course.
Refereeing Go Games involves propagating the Principles of Fair Play. This is achieved through application of the rules and, in particular, those that relate to sportsmanship and respect for the opposition, the match officials and the game. These are exemplified by the rule that the player returns the ball to the opposition 'on the full' after committing an offence. Officiating Go Games also involves guiding and coaching the players through each game by highlighting good example and promoting respect for all involved.  
As a Participation and Play initiative, Go Games provide an ideal opportunity to introduce young volunteers to Refereeing in a gradual and progressive manner. To this end, Go Games can be refereed by Under-12 Referees who have completed the Go Games Young Referee course. The course aims to provide participants with knowledge of the rules of Go Games and an understanding of the Principles of Fair Play and the Role of the Referee. Further details are available from Garrett Doyle  083-4357460 or