GYM Membership

GYM membership is now available to all members of the club. There are strict procedures surrounding the use of the GYM and members of the club using the GYM must adhere to them. The procedures are listed below and a link to the GYM membership form is situated on the right of the page.


User's Procedures for GYM

  1. Membership of our Gym is now open to members who are at least 16 years old, who paid their Club Membership and who also have paid the following Gym subscriptions:

    Adult Playing members  and Students                     €20

    Non-playing members                                           €50

    Under no circumstances can anybody who has not paid membership of club and Gym (Or has reached an agreement with the Club) use the Gym facilities. 

    Note: This charge will apply on first usage and for each year thereafter.

    Please ensure that Gym is kept clean and tidy at all times with all equipment back in position after each visit.
  2. Access to the GYM is as follows:

    When Club grounds are in use:   Entry card will be provided to Gym Members which will allow access. At least 2 Gym Members must be present before use of Gym is permitted.  Each member must sign in and out in  attendance book on each visit.

    When Club Grounds are closed: Access through main gate will be provided by ringing the numbers below who will provide remote access. Proof of two members must be provided before access is permitted. The code for Alarm System will also be provided at this stage by the phone holder.  Access card will be used to gain access and attendance book must be signed in and out at each visit.

    Note:  Gym users under 18 they must be accompanied by at least two people, including one who is over 18 years old. Further, in line with the GAA Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport adults are to avoid being alone with under 18 year olds in the Gym, dressing rooms, etc"
  3. All users must complete form below before using gym. Only people who show proof of having been trained in use of equipment will be allowed use equipment without formal training and review.
  4. It is intended to have a trained coach available to teach use of equipment and to assess fitness levels and suitability of fitness programmes. Until a coach is in place access will only be granted to those who have completed form and given proof of having been trained on use of equipment.


These procedures are heavily dependent on responsible use of our facilities.


Failure to comply may lead to restriction of usage both to the individual and to the other users.


Please note that cameras are operational in the Gym at all time.


Contact Numbers:

  1. Liam McGraynor  - 086-6023886
  2. Pat Wogan       - 087-2486885
  3. Dermot OBrien   - 086-2560401