GAA Injury Scheme

The GAA mandatory scheme provides benefit to Bray Emmets members playing Hurling, Gaelic Football and to accredited club personnel performing designated duties in connection with Bray Emmets activities.

Bray Emmets pays the premiums in respect of paid up registered members for cover during matches and official training sessions and carrying out club functions.

For full details you should check the GAA website GAA Injury Scheme

Claims Procedure
Although Claim Forms may be available in the club, we strongly recommend you download the very latest form from the Insurers official site.  Latest Claim Form 

Read the form - twice - it is not complicated and it won't take long. Then note carefully the sections that apply to you and the supporting documentation that will be required. A simple hint - those little white boxes are there to be filled in unless the question does not relate to your circumstances, it should be filled in.

All claims should be to be reported to Club Secretary as soon as possible after the injury has occurred. He then has to sign the form and forward to the County Secretary, who will in turn, forward to Willis within 60 days of date of the injury. Please note claims reported after 60 days will not be processed Please note also that if the injury occurs during a match the referee must be advised as the insurers request a copy of the referee's report. If you have private health insurance you will be required to use that cover and not the GAA Player Injury Scheme.

Fully completed claim form in particular sections A E and F together with all relevant supporting documentation should be signed and validated by you before forwarding to Club Secretary/Injury Scheme Administrator (for onward submission to Willis, Grand Mill Quay, Barrow St, Dublin 4.)

Supporting documentation depending on claim type:-
Medical / Dental Claims
Official Medical receipts (NOT invoices). Medical Treatment is only covered if provided by recognized/ qualified practitioners. e.g. In the case of Physiotherapy, this has to be carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist who is a member of the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists or the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists in Northern Ireland.

Under Section A of the claim form they ask whether the claimant has any Medical Insurance. This must be completed and if applicable full name and cover plan supplied to enable them proceed with claims assessment as the scheme only provides cover for non-recoverable ( i.e. from other policies/schemes ) costs up to the limit of the GAA Scheme.

Section E must be completed by the attending Doctor/Dentist/Chartered Physiotherapist.

Loss of Wages Claims
Three recent payslips dated prior to the injury or a letter from the claimant's employer on company headed paper confirming the claimant's basic net pay(stating weekly or monthly)
If self-employed, a letter from claimant's Accountant on company headed paper confirming the net basic earnings for the three months prior to the injury. In addition, if a substitute worker has been employed, a letter from the Accountant on company headed paper confirming the cost will be required. If the claimant is related to employer proof of wages must be supplied by the employer's accountant.

Section D must be completed as a claim must be made with your Local Social Welfare Office
Once you are satisfied that the claim form has been fully completed and all supporting documentation attached, you should sign same and forward to your County Secretary / Injury Scheme Administrator for signature and onward transmission to Willis.

Section E, Medical Certification, confirmation that the injury is GAA related must be completed by Doctor/ Dentist/Chartered Physiotherapist and stamped in the box provided. If no stamp available a business card or confirmation on the qualified practitioners headed paper.

Section F,
Declaration, must be signed and dated as appropriate by all parties.

medically prescribed and be carried out by a Chartered Physiotherapist ( Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists , Chartered Society of Physiotherapists NI.)

All Disputes
All disputes concerning entitlement to benefit under the Scheme must be referred to the GAA Insurance Work Group c/o Bainisteoir Riosca agus Árachais, Ascal San Séosagh, Baile Átha Cliath 3 who shall investigate the case in full and decide on the level of benefit payable if any. Should the claimant refuse the GAA Insurance Work Group's decision , then the matter must be submitted to an Independent Expert ( ' the Expert ' ) to be appointed by mutual agreement , ( or in default of agreement within 7 days, by the president for the time being of the [ Law Society of Ireland ] . The Expert shall act as an expert and not as an arbitrator. The Independent Expert's decision shall be final and binding on the parties in the absence of fraud or manifest error. The Expert's fees shall be borne in such proportions as the Expert shall direct.