U14 Hurling

8 May, 2016

Dublin Hurling League Division 5:
Bray Emmets 1-05 vs Castleknock B 2-06

The 2002 Hurlers continued their Dublin league campaign with a match against Castleknock B on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon in Old Conna on May 8. In a game that was keenly contested from the throw in Emmets established a marginal advantage in key areas of the pitch and took an early lead that was maintained to half time. The back line played superbly with eye catching performances from all. Daniel F and Eoin in the corners, Tadhg and Zak on the wings and Aaron and Adam in the centre caught and blocked and harried and cleared and frustrated almost every attack. Ben had another great day in goals and distributed the ball well with his puck outs. Peter and Philip worked tirelessly from midfield as did Cathal when he changed there. Jack won great ball and carried well while the other forwards Rian, Daniel M, Rory and Andrew, struggled against big and aggressive Castleknock backs, but created problems every time the ball came to them. Emmets went into the break leading 1-4 to 1-01 and got the first score of the second half, but things then began to go wrong as players tired. We had no subs with Sam and Seb both out injured and Brian unavailable, and as Castleknock cleared their bench fresh legs impacted and a goal for Castleknock seemed to make weary legs wearier. The Emmets lads battled on but couldn’t regain the momentum and Castleknock ran out worthy winners on a score of 2-6 to 1-5.

Bray Emmets: Ben, Daniel F, Aaron, Eoin, Tadhg, Adam, Zack, Peter, Philip (1-3), Jack, Cathal (0-1), Andrew, Rian, Rory (0-1) and Daniel M.