17 March, 2008

Westmanstown were the visitors to Old Conna on a wet windy morning last Saturday to play our U10 team. Westmanstown are a football only team and are a formidable side as they regularly clock up seventy points per game. However as it turned out the opposition did not overawe these young Bray lads. As the visitors were short players on the day we loaned them three players and played a 12-aside match.

From the start the Bray lads got stuck into the opposition and exerted all the early pressure and we got some early scores on the board. Westmanstown were very economical with their rare forays into our half whereas the Bray lads were struggling with the greasy ball and shot several wides. Our goalkeeper Jimmy who just returned after a few weeks absence was tremendous in his distribution of the ball from kickouts which helped us keep constant pressure on the opposition defence. The half time score was 7-4 to the visitors.

As required under Go Games we rotated several players at the break and this seemed to be our undoing. During the third quarter we scored another 4 points but again we struggled to hit the target with another few near misses. During the final quarter the Westmanstown midfield began to take over. Their two big men started to get the range and pick off the scores and our distribution out of defence started to splutter giving them some more opportunities. The final score ended 28-8 but with a half dozen over the bar scores (3 points each) squandered that we would normally get this should have been a much closer finish. In relative terms this was a strong performance from Bray as they managed to hold such quality opposition for three quarters of the match. An all round good performance with each and every player giving their all.