U10 Hurling– Roundwood Blitz

9 August, 2008

The latest round off U10 Hurling blitzes was held on Saturday in Roundwood. Heavy overnight rain only stopped about an hour before the games were due to begin and black clouds were ominous everywhere. As a result only 6 diehard players turned up for the day, which meant opposition teams had to loan us players in each match to partially rectify the imbalance.

Regardless, we decided to play and we drew the short straw in our first game and came up against a very good Glenealy team. Midway through the first half Owen Duffy took an accidental hard knock to the back of the leg and limped off for some treatment and then had to resume at full forward due to lack of mobility. For the second half, which is all in air hurling, he retired to the goalkeeping position and was peppered in quick succession for 2 quick goals by fast soloing Glenealy forwards. With ego hurting and temper rising he threw himself headlong at the next shot and parried down an almost certain goal and followed up by rising quickly from the ground to block down the follow up shot from the forward. This was followed by several more terrific saves and now with Evan Sweeney rising to the game out in the middle of the field and hassling the rampaging opposition into shooting wildly and forcing errors so that they remained scoreless from play for the remainder of the match. Glenealy scored from a couple of well taken frees to win out the match.

For the second match we came up against Roundwood who loaned us 2 players. This match ebbed and flowed and Kevin Nolan seemed to pop up everywhere on the pitch to break up the opposition play. Stephen Finn also produced the score of the game with a nice point from on the run. Ryan Hannon manned the goals for most of this match and efficiently cleared up balls and distributed his puck outs very well. Mark Kenny was a constant treat in the forward line and had some very near misses.

Our final match was against Kilcoole and at this stage our lads were struggling with the constant running to cover the pitch. We had two injuries in this game with Kevin getting an accidental bang on the elbow from a teammate and Mark hurting his foot but both hardy lads resumed quickly to give it everything.

On the day the results didn't go our way but the six lads put in maximum effort and this was visible to all as they came off after the final match with sweat soaked hair, flushed faces and tired limbs. Many thanks also to all the parents that came along to support and cheer on the lads. The team on the day was Owen Duffy, Stephen Finn, Ryan Hannon, Mark Kenny, Kevin Nolan and Evan Sweeney.