St Peregrines

12 April, 2008

The Saturday just gone was beautiful morning in Old Conna, and perfect for hurling unlike the afternoon hailstorms that the seniors had to play through. The U10s faced up to St Peregrines. With numbers down due to a bout of sickness we played one 8 aside and one 7 aside game. On the 8-aside pitch the visitors had one midfielder who stood several inches taller than our tallest man and from his demeanour he was obviously used to having the run of the pitch, but not so today

While Stephen man marked him and out muscled him Owen and Fintan were in stealing the ball and driving it into our forward line. Kevin and Luke were pressuring their defence into all sorts of mistakes and our back line of Liam, Ryan and Mark were rock solid and letting nothing through. Tensions were high and some very hard tackles and blocks went in from both sides and there were several stoppages for accidental injuries. Bray exerted more pressure and Owen forced the concession of a 65, which he himself calmly popped over to leave the half-time score at 3-1 to Bray.

The Bray lads sensed a rare hurling victory and went into the second half with all guns blazing and fully committed themselves to every tackle and block. Stephen sent over another score from on the run to leave the score at 6-1 so with the second match having finished 4-0 in favour of the visitors the combined score was 6-5 with only minutes left on the clock. Bray surged forward again and Stephen was roughly fouled by a neck high tackle. Normally at U10 the fouled person takes the free but Stephen was off getting fixed up so Owen took the resultant free from near the half way line and drove it straight over the bar and almost out onto the M11 for a lead of 9-5 on combined score. Anxious faces looked to Richard our referee as time ticked down. The final whistle was greeted by leaps of joy for a rare but very sweet win.

With several chipped hurleys, bruised ankles and fingers as a testament to the competitiveness of the game this was a fantastic all round performance by everyone but man of the match goes to Kevin Spaine for an extremely determined performance on the day.