Kilmacud Crokes

1 December, 2008

Green Team  and Red teams versus  Emmet's 24 Points - Kilmacud Crokes 32 points 

We gathered at Old Conna for our first football match in what seems like an age against our old foe's Kilmacud Crokes. Last time against them we lost, the time before that Bray won. So we were all geared up for a tough game and hopefully a win.

Kilmacud started well in the middle and broke into our defence shooting just wide. It was an early indicator of how fast their forwards were in getting to the ball first. In the next play Jimmy's goal kick to Fintan, who started the attacked on to Ryan up the right whose shot was blocked wide. From the resulting 45, Fintan narrowly missed a point.  Kilmacud's next attack was down the left putting pressure on Liam and Oisin, and a poor clearance gave Kilmacud their first score. Our next attack came through Fintan in the middle who won another 45, and when the ball broke out of their defence Owen was first to it, had the vision to look behind him and Phillip was there to put it over for a point. After Kilmacud's next attack, Jimmy cleared to Liam, who passed to Phillip, who found Ryan, who looked up and found Evan who made a lot of space for himself, and put the ball over for a great point and a super move. Bray were winning at this stage but had to fight hard for everything.

Then the wind started playing a factor. Kilmacud started clearing high balls into their midfield and forwards, who were getting to everything first. Despite some great marking and play by Oisin, Liam, Mark and Stephen, Kilmacud were getting that extra yard up front and scored a succession of unanswered points and goals in a five minute spell, when Bray let their concentration go. And it was this five minute spell that cost us the game. Jimmy was kept very busy and did a great job in keeping the goal count down. Midfields and forwards continued to work hard with Conan fighting hard for some possession and creating some great scoring opportunities. Ryan was giving it his all, and won Bray a well deserved skill point from a great block.

Half Time: Bray Emmet's 9 Points - Kilmacud Crokes 20 points

The second half started with Bray playing with the hill and the wind. Oisin put in some great tackled but the Kilmacud forwards were all very fast and must have had glue on their gloves because they were catching everything, and despite our recent training our catching was not as good as it should be. Liam had a difficult game against their fastest and best catcher of a ball, and did great to limit his scoring to 3 or 4 points. Stephen continued to pile the pressure on in the back line, and raced out of defence many times with the ball in hand making great clearances to the midfield and forwards. Owens marker,  though small seemed to be everywhere and first to everything. Phillip scored another point from the middle, along with great points from Evan, Ryan and Fintan, meant that Bray won the second half 15 points to 12 points, but it was not enough to win the match. Final score Kilmacud 32 - Bray 24.

It was a very tough game against very hard competition, but despite a disappointing half time score Bray showed their fight and only went down by 8 points in the end.

Man of the Match: Ryan Hannon.

Team Managers: Neil & Pat

Green Team: Jimmy Mason, Mark Kenny, Stephen Finn, Oisin Dougan, Liam Carolan, Fintan O'Shea, Phillip Redmond, Evan Sweeney, Owen Duffy, Conan O'Duill, Ryan Hannon.

White Team-- Bray Emmet's 17 Points Kilmacud Crokes 19 points

On a sunny, windy autumn morning in Old Conna Bray's under 10 white team played host to Kilmacud Crokes .The team was captained by Luke Steele this week and performed reasonably well up until the last 5 or 6  minutes, when due to some very sloppy play at the back we afforded Crokes to steal in and score an easy point from a free to clinch victory  in what should have been a victory for Bray Emmets.

The first half was evenly divided with both sides getting into the action fairly quickly and moved from goal to goal with some quick movement and some excellent scores. Crokes were first of the mark with a 2 good scores and 1 bonus point for block down, only to be hauled back by 2 scores from Ronan Browne (the writers man of the match) and Con Benville putting Emmets into the lead by two points going into second half. (Bray Emmet's 9 pts - Kilmacud Crokes 7 Pts)

The second half started well with the Bray Midfield and full back line making some very strong tackles on the Crokes players, as they pushed forward to pull back the score. Emmets were reasonably comfortable at this stage in defence and midfield where Oscar DeBurca and Ronan Browne were linking well together and sending very good ball into the forward line of Aengus, Adam, Conn and Luke, but fine defence by the visitors denied Emmets the scores they deserved. Ronan scored again from a long kick at goal from out the field, after a fine break by Conn Benville and this was quickly followed up by another good point from Oscar DeBurca bringing the score now 15pts to 7pts for Emmets. Unfortunately this lead didn't last long as Crokes started to up the ante and were rewarded with 2 fine points in succession without any response from the Bray lads who seemed to have gone asleep at the back.

Again Ronan who tackled and harried all around him was rewarded for a fine block as was Oscar leaving the scores Emmet's 17 pts to Crokes 13. Crokes entered the last 6 minutes trailing and were awarded 3 bonus points for very good block downs in mid-field and in front of their own goal.

A long ball from Crokes caught the home team sleeping again and a free was given straight in front of the home teams goal, which was easily dispatched over the bar to put Crokes into a two-point lead. They held onto this lead as the final whistle blew much to the disappointment of the Bray Emmet team.

Team Aaron Lyons, Caolan Brady, Ben Hoskin, Corner backs - Kevin Nolan, Kevin Spain,Ronan Browne, Oscar DeBurca, Luke Steele ( Capt), Con Bennville, Adam Barry, Aonghus Muldoon.