Good Council

1 November, 2008

16 Boys attended Saturday's league game against Good Council on a bright sunny autumn morning up in Old Connaught Ave. The panel consisted of: Ryan. Hannon, Aaron Lyons, Adam Barry, Aengus Muldoon, Conan O'Duill, Evan Sweeney, Fintan O'Shea, Jimmy Mason, Kevin Nolan, Kevin Spaine, Liam Carolan, Luke Steele, Mark Kenny, Owen Duffy, Philip Redmond and Ronan Browne. 

Good Council arrived with only 7 players and it was agreed after some discussion with the mentors of Good Council that Bray offered 4 players to make it 11 a side match - those who sportingly volunteered to play with Good Council were Ronan Browne, Aaron Lyons, Kevin Spain and Kevin Nolan. Adam Barry also played the second half with Good Council after playing with Bray Emmets in the first half. 

Once the game got under, there was very little between the two teams in the first few minutes with both teams giving it a lash, it was all ground hurling for the first10 minutes and both sides were connecting with great gusto with some hefty tackles coming in from both sides.  

The game was back and forth between Good Councils goal and midfield and it became clear after about 7 to 10 minutes that the Bray Emmett's midfield were taking control with Conan O'Duill, Liam Carolan , Philip Redmond and Owen Duffy challenging and winning more and more possession and were sending the ball both on the ground and in the air straight back towards Good Councils goal where forwards Jimmy Mason, Luke Steele and Aengus Muldoon were starting to cause more and more problems for the visitors. It was only a matter of time before Bray were to get their just reward after the Good Council keeper had again deflected another shot away from his goal, only as far as Owen Duffy who hit a raspier into the roof of the net.  

After that it was nearly all one-way traffic with further goals coming from Philip Redmond, (3.0) Conan O'Duill (1.1) Liam Carolan (3.0), Owen Duffy (2.2), Luke Steele (1.0) and Ryan Hannon (3.0). There was also solid defensive performances from Fintan O'Shea , Mark Kenny and Evan Sweeney who played their part in keeping the ball down in their opponents half with fine drives from the ground and the hand - a sign that the hard work that is going on in the background is finally paying off. 

There were a large number of mums and dads on the side line lending their support, while their little darlings did battle on the pitch. There was the usual good humoured banter on the line and this was not always directed at the players or the referee, who had a quiet but efficient game keeping things going with little or no interruptions or hold ups for injuries. (Thanks Harry).  Barry Steele kindly volunteered this week to take some pictures of the game and thanks to him for that.  To all the parents who came along to offer their support many thanks - keep it up.

A good morning all round, trick is to keep it going. Players should work on the skills being shown at training and they will pay off during the matches. 

It is worth noting that the 5 young lads who volunteered to play for Good Council without any fuss and very sportingly joined forces with the opposition to even up the numbers, each of these young men did themselves justice and played their heart's out against what was on the day a better and more committed Bray Emmets team.   

But one young man who caught the writer's eye during the game was Kevin Nolan, whose never say die attitude deserves a quick mention. Kevin played his heart out at full back for Good Council, always hustling and bustling, making things as difficult as possible for his Bray Emmets club. He made several blocks and some very telling tackles when goals and points were a certainty. This was a commendable performance showing tremendous grit and courage - well-done Kevin - keep up the good work. The best performance for the Bray lads in terms of determination and effort was Aengus Muldoon. Aengus was very unfortunate not to get any score himself and was denied on several occasions by last gasp defending but he did make 3 scores for his team-mates 

This was a well-rounded performance from all the Bray players with a good team attitude coming to the fore. All these lads play as a team and unselfishly lay on scoring opportunities for each other. This is proven by the wide spread in scorers. The camaraderie on this team can by seen by anybody by the wide smiles and on field "high fives" when things work out. This team wins and loses with good grace. Keep up the efforts as we head towards the U11 ranks. 

Final Score Bray Emmett's 22 Points - Good Council 1.