Senior Hurlers V Carnew

23 June, 2011

The second game of the League stage of this year's championship was held in Ashford on Thursday evening. After the good showing against Glenealy the previous week hopes were high for a good performance against Carnew, regarded as the second best in Wicklow after last year's championship. Bray started very positively and had the most of possession in the early stages. However scores were hard to come by in spite of creating some good chances, some of which were for goals. The failure to take these chances had a major effect on the game as it left Carnew off the hook. Carnew, while rattled early on, began to gain the upper hand. This revival was lead by Don Hyland who had a marvellous performance and was more than a match for our backs. In spite of the good start the score at half time was Carnew 2-8, Bray 0-4.The second half continued as in the first with Carnew controlling the play. There was a lot of movement in their forward line with full forward line swopping with the half-forward line. This seemed to unsettle some of our backs.  The final score was Carnew 4-17. Bray 0-10.

While there some positives in our performance the game showed up the lack of preparation and fitness of our players. Carnew, while as individuals did not not have any more skill than Bray, however their teamwork was far superior. This teamwork has been developed over the years through playing together. Bray on the other hand played more as individuals. This lack of teamwork stems from the poor attendance at training sessions, something that must be remedied to advance even as far as last year. We clearly have the potential but will not achieve that potential without hard work in training.

Lineout: D Moloney, C OMaolmhuaidh, R OBrien, E Brazil, P Walshe, P Kiely(0-1), K Lacey, A Murphy, J Henderson (0-2), G OMurchu (0-1), W Keane, B Cunningham, C Moorehouse(0-5), M Lee, E Mason.
Substitutes: Ed Keating (0-1), W Nolan, H Stephenson, Ml Walshe.