Junior Hurlers take near neighbours

27 June, 2012

The Junior hurlers played their local derby against neighbours Fergal Óg Wednesday night. This was a passionate, sporting, tooth and nail contest. Fergals started with a flurry, but Luke Maloney accurately posted some early scores from the half-forward line. Eoin Mason was towering in midfield, with Craig Brack working very diligently down the flanks. 

In the second-half, a fine Paddy Lee goal eased Emmet Bhré pressure. Points followed from Luke O'Reilly and Brian Lambe, topped by a great goal from Paddy O'Toole. Worthy of particular mention were Cillian Ó Maolmhuaidh, Ryan Tynan and the adaptable Niall McCague. Bhí na bainisteoirí an-sásta leis an toradh seo.

Emmet Bhré 2 -12.

Fergal Óg 1 - 6. 

Emmet Bhré -  Peter O'Reilly, Mick Burns, Danny Eglington, Jordan Lee, Enda Ó Maolmhuaidh (0-1), Cillian Ó Maolmhuaidh (Captaen), Craig Brack-Synott, Luke O'Reilly (0-1), Eoin Mason (0-4), Brian Lambe (0-1), Ryan Tynan, Luke Maloney (0-4), Decy Glynn, Paddy Lee (1-2), Niall McCague. Paddy O'Toole (1-0) for D. Glynn.

Bainisteoirí - John Ward, Jackie Napier.